Pricing & FAQ

Launched in 2024.

All payment options are available, for maximum flexibility: monthly fee or comission.

Standard Account
2 only / room / monthly

  Block this limited offer for early adopters.

Free BOOK button plus:

  • ANTI-BOOK Button
  • Automated Counter-Offers
  • Automated Counter-Offer Persuasion Timmers
  • Avatars, Multiple Users
  • Banned Conditions
  • Online Payment
  • up to 2 parallel robots
  • up to 4 rules
  • E-mail Support
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Advanced Account
5 only / room / monthly

      Block this limited offer for early adopters.

    STANDARD Account plus:

  • Manual Counter-Offers
  • Manual Counter-Offer Persuasion Timmers
  • Memory Upgrade (Upload Database)
  • Profile Detection (triggers available: Type of Customer - New/Old, Old Customer From Last X years, Old Customer with X No. of reservations, OTA or not)
  • Payment-in-Advance Detection
  • Opaque Rates - Protection
  • up to 5 parallel robots
  • up to 10 rules
  • Slack and E-mail Support
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Antifragile Account
5% 3% only /anti-booking

      Block this limited offer for early adopters.  

  • €425 one-time fee, including 2 hours training and sales consulting.
    Comission for anti-bookings only (from ANTI-BOOK button). Bookings (from BOOK button) are unlimited free.

    Pay Only For What You Gain

    Commission is charged only for what's sold by the ANTI-BOOK button.

    All features above plus:

    • Unlimited robots for unlimited parallel negotiations
    • Unlimited robots for unlimited parallel recycles
    • Unlimited number of rules for robots
    • Add-a-Tip for Employees
    • Sync to PMS (check terms)
    • Slack and E-mail Support

      • This account type includes everything we know and we do for your success, always having skin in the game. Please note that downgrade to standard/advanced accounts is not possible. But you may cancel our services anytime.
    Order I would need a lower commission

    We understand that, that's why we provide monthly paid accounts.

    On the other hand, the commission model is antifragile - a core concept in our company way of thinking and acting. It's antifragile for you because you're paying for results only. If no results, nothing to pay. That means zero risk for you. It's antifragile for us also: if we do not continue to inovate in order to increase your success, then we're loosing the money we continue invest to build the ANTI-BOOK robot, including infrastructure, technology, salaries etc.

    Ultimately, let's face it: the ANTI-BOOK robot recovers money from your losses when your BOOK button fails to close the sale. This also means recovering the money you spent on marketing to attract visitors to your hotel website (including Google AdWords etc.). Accordingly, the ANTI-BOOK robot truly deserves its cut. Moreover, it is a digital worker with no salary, employee taxes, holidays, leaves, or breaks. And, a digital worker that is capable to instantly multiply itself in 100 or 1000 instances if you need so... to negotiate and recycle, in parallel, as 100 or 1000 employees. Furthermore, the ANTI-BOOK robot buys (actually, it negotiates to exchange that for Extras or discount) hotel social exposure directly from your potential clients, way cheaper then you can buy from Google AdWords, Facebook or any other social network.

    Yeah, you may feel that... but this is the only way to prove that you have skin in the game. Based on this premise, we're providing all support you need to have your ANTI-BOOK robot on stage asap, unblocking sale options and selling anti-bookings for you.

    On the other hand, we have to say it: we're a bootstrapped company, so our human resources and time are limited. We're forced to put our skin in the game with the hoteliers willing to do the same in order to successed.


Frequently Asking Questions

Yes. All reservations coming through the BOOK button (bookings) are unlimited free. We charge only for reservations coming trough the ANTI-BOOK button (anti-bookings, or antifragile-bookings).

A new type of booking transaction that is antifragile, meaning that it is negotiable and recyclable by default. It is triggered by the ANTI-BOOK button.

Our rates for hotels take in account multiple parameters: number of rooms, number of robots and the level of anti-booking™ technology provided (e.g. number of rules).

For example, your hotel have a total capacity of 100 rooms. Thus, your monthly rate calculation:

Standard Account for earlier adopters: (2 Euro x 100 Rooms) = 200 Euro / month.
Advanced Account for earlier adopters: (5 Euro x 100 Rooms) = 500 Euro / month.

* For AirBnB and individual properties, commission based account is only available.
** Hotels may also choose the Antifragile Account, comission based - no monthly rate.

Each time the ANTI-BOOK robot win a negotiation, an anti-booking™ is registered. At the end of the month, you own us the commission for the anti-bookings only.

Behind the ANTI-BOOK button can work one or more robots in the same time.
A real-time negotiation is running between 1 traveler and 1 robot - the result is one single negotiation. For example, if on your website are 7 travelers involved in negotiations in the same time then from your side are involved 7 robots - so, you'll have 7 parallel negotiations. Please note that a negotiation restart when traveler clicked the link from his email in order to get back in the negotiation room. Accordingly, it will required a robot to step in to continue that negotiation - this will be counted in the running parallel negotiations.

Important to know:
- a negotiation start not when traveler click the ANTI-BOOK button, but later on, after he clicked the Get Started button. That's way, we optimized the consumption of the robotic salesforce, so you'll paid only for the time a robot is working in the negotiation room.
- a negotiation stop when traveler click the Accept or Decline or Close button or when the Counter Offer(s) expired. So, the robot is released and can engage with another client.
- if a new traveler wants to start a negotiation, the system will check if any robot is free, then allocates one; if there are no free robots, the traveler will be invited to wait until one is getting free. If you're using Standard or Advanced Accounts, you'll have soon the option to check in real-time for each robot which traveler is in negotiation with. That way you'll better understand your needs.

Accordingly, when you choose your ANTI-BOOK account type you have to take in account how many parallel negotiations you'dd need to run. If you don't want to take the risk of not providing enough robots on time, take a look to our Antifragile Account which provides unlimited number of robots for unlimited parallel negotiations.

If you choose Standard Account, you agree to run without a Support Plan - based on free tutorials and community help. If you choose Advanced or Antifragile Account, there is included the Support Plan.

To process online payments, we've partnered with STRIPE - the global leader in online payments with highest security technology and great rates (depending of your volume, you may ask them for even more discount).

You'll only need to open an account on STRIPE website. Or, if you already have one, just connect your Stripe account from the platform. If you are not familiar with STRIPE yet, please check their website for all info and fees:

Yes, you may continue use your BOOK button provided by other vendor! The only downside is that you'll have more work to do, keeping both platforms updated (mainly: the available rooms). And, some advanced features may not be available to you.

On the other side, we would love to integrate our anti-bookingTM technology with other vendors. But for now, being a bootstrapped company, we are focused with all resources to support our active clients and to create the new feature that will help the travelers to recycle anti-bookings (resell, exchange, donate).

Yes, the ANTI-BOOK robot can connect to any PMS or Channel Manager in the world, to register your anti-bookings and your bookings. But in order to do that, some manual programming is still needed on our side, for each hotel. That's why the hoteliers with Antifragile Accounts and at least 100 paid anti-bookings per month have priority. But if you insist to have it before of this sales goal, you'll be kindly asked to support the programming cost. Contact us for details.

Later on, even two-ways syncronization is possible.

And yes, a very small additional cost may occur in a form of monthly rate if you'dd like to sync even bookings, along with anti-bookings. That's because you enjoy the booking engine completely free, so no margins where to compensate from. Our robot will just need more time and IT resources to connect to your PMS / Channel Manager in order to add / modify / cancel more reservations.

Integrating the ANTI-BOOK button into existing Booking Engines has been a formidable challenge due to the perception of these vendors that it competes with their own BOOK buttons. Despite this obstacle, our commitment to innovation led us to develop a cutting-edge platform for the BOOK button as well.

To foster industry-wide integration, we offer our advanced BOOK button platform completely free of charge. There are no hidden costs, commissions, or strings attached. We understand that it's the collective pressure from forward-thinking hoteliers that will drive the integration of these technologies.

Depending on your desired level of engagement, you have two options: opt for the ANTI-BOOK button alone and display it as a separate widget on your website, or embrace both buttons for seamless integration. Rest assured, the BOOK button comes with an Unlimited Free usage policy, ensuring you have the flexibility to explore both worlds.

While the road may be challenging, our determination to refine the antifragile booking button, ANTI-BOOK, remains unswerving. We invite you to join us on this journey towards revolutionizing direct bookings and reshaping the industry's future - an antifragile travel world.

ANTI-BOOKING is registered in European Union, Romania. So, only if you're outside of European Union or if you're not VAT registered (VIES) our invoices will include VAT.

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