Total Control, Easy to Use,
Multiple Modes of ANTI-BOOK

From the start, our goal was to create a robot flexible enough to serve all types of hotels and properties, from those with no sales employees to those with large teams. Firstly, ANTI-BOOK is easy to set up: simply create rules for it, similar to creating promotions for your traditional BOOK button. Secondly, it can operate independently in Automated (AI) mode, collaborate with hoteliers in Mixed mode, or be fully controlled by hoteliers in Manual mode.

For example, in Mixt mode, you may ask ANTI-BOOK to not automatically Accept, Decline or Counter-Offer, but to send to your sales employees any sale option unlocked from:

  • a 2 years old client
  • a client which bought already 3 times
  • a client looking for more then 10 nights
  • a client which have Check-in flexibility
  • a travel agency
  • a client looking for a luxury apartment
  • a client looking for more than 1 room
  • a client willing to pay 100% in advance

Envision your ANTI-BOOK robot recapturing even 3% of the 70-90% of potential bookings missed by your BOOK button daily—engaging travelers who visit your site, check rates, and are at risk of slipping away.

Scan the demand 24/7

ANTI-BOOK can see clients your BOOK button can't.

  • How much a client is willing to pay for a room
  • How much a client is willing to pay in advance
  • If he is flexibile with the check-in date
  • If he favors a lower rate or higher benefits
  • If he is in hurry or not
  • If he is an old/new customer... and so on

Key Features

Probably the best thing to happen for hoteliers since the 2020 events.


Manual, Automated, AI-driven parallel negotiations to unlock sale options.


If your clients no longer can make the trip, it helps them to recycle.

Scans The Demand

Gives you the Google power: to know what people are looking for.

Extract Insights

Gains data about potential clients before engages in negotiation.

Private Rates

Pampers individuals (e.g. 3 years old clients) with private rates.

Multiple Niches

Privately negotiates based on multiple niches: individuals, agencies, off season.


Adapts in real-time to each profile with multiple Counter-Offers at once.


On specific cases, it works with you to create Manually Counter-Offers.

Persuasion Timmers

Dynamically limits the valabiliy of the Counter-Offers, from X minutes to X hours.

Individual Timmers

Targets individuals with customized display timmers from X minutes to X hours.

Ban Filters

Keeps out abusive and missbehaving visitors or specific individuals based on your own rules.

Opaque Rates Filters

Makes your rates opaque to the competitors, OTA and anybody else - to protect your direct sales.


Team-ups with your profiles and your avatars to enrich the buying experience.

Monitors Employees

Tracks the each employee sales performance. And the losts!

Monitors sale options

Checks in real-time how many sale options have been gain or lost.

Monitors money

Checks how much money are won or lost daily, and monthly.

Monitors reasons

Checks the reason behind each gain or lost potential client in order to improve.

Monitors Occupancy

Checks in real-time the Occupancy Rate for current / next month.

Payments in Advance

Negotiates how much to take as Payment in Advance from different pre-set niches.

Sync to PMS

Syncs with any PMS or Channel Manager in the world.


Gets money instantly connecting your Stripe account.

Unlocks Facebook

Negotiates to unlock sale options from clients social networks, way cheaper.

Unlocks last-minute

Retargets the previously declined proposals to unlock sale options.

Unlocks owner's power

Sends Owner's special Counter-Offers to unlock sale options, as a last measure.

100% untraceable

If you need so, makes your sales 100% untraceable. Even to us.

Not listed the BOOK button features
we provide for free.

Know your client
better then he knows himself

ANTI-BOOK enjoys to impress potential clients, to treat them as individual, as yours acquaintances - which contact you sometimes in order to get a private treatment, an implied negotiation. That's why, out of the box, ANTI-BOOK is capable to recognize:

  • an old or new client
  • name for an old client
  • how many times a client choosed you
  • an old or new travel agency
  • low / high budget clients
  • and so on

Yes, you can upload your database to instantly upgrade ANTI-BOOK's memory. On the other hand, we are working hard to add an Artificial Intelligence layer to help ANTI-BOOK gain even more from disorder.

You think. Then 10 to 10000 robots will execute your brilliant negotiation ideas

Sometime, hotels are lucky enough to have a mastermind behind with brilliant negotiation ideas. It may be the owner, general manager, sales or marketing manager, chief of reception or somebody else as the son or daughter of the owner. But because the sales people in charge to apply those ideas had not the right tools to run unlimited parallel negotiations through the hotel website, the ideas were lost, undeservedly.

In the perfect scenario:

  • that mastermind manages the ANTI-BOOK robot (letting it knows what to negotiate or until what step by creating rules, testing, and calibrating results),
  • the sales employees team-up with ANTI-BOOK in order to close the sale.

Tips and recognition
for employees

The BOOK button is, simple, selfish. Share nothing.
But for the first time ever in the history of internet, the hotel sales employees may now team-up with a robot happy to help them gain tips - sent directly to each own VISA / Master Card / Revolut / Wise or bank account (via Stripe).

In our vision, since the owner / manager is the mastermind, the sales employees are the engines for a hotel business. That's why we've trained the ANTI-BOOK robot to get some oil for those engines, along with the professional recognition these [often undeservedly undervalued] employees may get from travelers. Connecting their sales work directly to rewards, giving them the ultimate technology to win clients, ANTI-BOOK may help them shine as never before.

Join our guild
to get support, help others, share experiences,
to learn stand antifragile.

Stop wasting money

You paid money to create the hotel website. You pay monthly / yearly for hosting the website. But you pay a lot more to attract potential clients to your website, paying ads in Google AdWords / Google Hotel Ads / Social Media - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or paying email marketing and whatsoever. But how do you ensure yourself you're not loosing money by attracting the wrong client profiles?

With the ANTI-BOOK button installed on your website, is easy and even free* to analyse the pre-sales insights extracted by the antifragile booking button, every day.

* with the Antifragile Account

Simplify your marketing and sales

Using the ANTI-BOOK button in small to medium hotels, you can simplify and modernize the traditional marketing and sales system by using only two main pedals:

  • 1 employee / certified consultant to manage the robot, paid by results.
  • 1 (or more) consultant / marketing company to generate traffic to your hotel website.

For more direct sales, you'd need more qualified visitors on your website! So, you need more marketing. Simple as that. Do not forget that, well managed, the ANTI-BOOK robot can buy itself (way cheaper then from Google AdWords) qualified visitors directly from the clients' social networks, trading social exposure (social capital) for Extras and/or upgrades, gifts, discounts (financial capital).

Do you have
skin in the game ?

To harness the full sales power that the ANTI-BOOK robot offers, you need to have skin in the game. Psychologically, having 'skin in the game' means possessing a unique and powerful sense of responsibility.

But let's go deeper, and see things from an antifragile perspective: Consider a scenario where the hotel manager is not the actual owner. In such cases, they might adopt a strategy that, on the surface, appears sound but covertly benefits them, thereby making them antifragile at the expense (or fragility) of the real hotel owners or their team (risking lower wages/revenues). When they are right, they reap significant benefits; when wrong, others bear the costs. Typical excuses include: 'We didn’t fill the hotel because, even according to the OTAs I spoke with, there's very low demand' or 'Our direct competitor is also lacking clients.' This approach often leads to hidden risks and fragility.

You know you have skin in the game when you are eager to get answers to critical questions:

  • How many website visitors checked rates today?
  • How much money have I won today, and why?
  • How much money have I lost today, and why?
  • Did I lose any old customers today, and why?
  • How many rooms do I still have available?
  • What is the cost for each type of room?
  • How high can I privately sell a room?
  • How low can I privately sell a room?
  • What’s the sale cost through each OTA?
  • What new negotiation ideas can I bring up?
  • What extras can I add to persuade each niche?
  • Which extras work better?
  • How many nights have I sold for the current/next month?
  • What's the average rate per night sold?
  • What's the percentage of direct sales this month?
  • What does a sales lead and a sale cost me, from each marketing campaign?
  • How many sales leads and sales has our marketing campaign generated?

At ANTI-BOOKING, being a bootstrapped company forces us to put our skin in the game alongside hoteliers willing to do the same to succeed. In doing so, we can fulfill our promise: a direct sales revolution is waiting for you!

Fix direct hotel sales critical issues

     Some issues may be fixed with 10-15% efficiency, others with 100%.

OTAs' Parity Rate Killer | 100%

More than half of hoteliers (55%) “feel pressured by OTAs to accept platforms terms and conditions (e.g., regarding cancellation policy, special discounts) that hotels would otherwise voluntarily not offer".

- HOTREC Director General Marie Audren, 2023 [source:]

How ANTI-BOOK Button Kills the OTA's Parity Rate

The ANTI-BOOK button on your hotel's website is a game-changer, introducing a revolutionary type of transaction that boldly challenges the limitations of OTA's Parity Rate. This transaction, designed to be both negotiable and recyclable, thrives when the ANTI-BOOK button faces post-2020 travelers' uncertainty, earning its title as the antifragile-booking, or simply, the anti-booking.

Now, let's delve into why this innovative transaction liberates you from the grip of OTA's Parity Rate:

1. Negotiability as the Default: When guests click on the ANTI-BOOK button, they gain the power to tailor rates and amplify benefits through their one-of-a-kind interactions within the platform. These interactions are the keys that unlock discounts and benefits. Whether it's spending time on the app, answering a few questions, playing a game, or engaging in social media exposure, every interaction is a negotiation, a game, and a dynamic exchange. It's empowerment at its finest.

2. Recyclability Access: An anti-booking isn't a one-time deal. Guests who invest in an anti-booking can choose to use it for their upcoming trip or flip it for a profit. This built-in recyclability transforms the anti-booking into an investment vehicle, creating a win-win for everyone. These transactions can happen right on your hotel's website or soon on

3. Members-Only: Access to this specialized market is exclusively available to registered members. Clients must first register to partake in buying or selling anti-bookings.

Please Note: While we believe in the power of the anti-booking, it's essential to consult legal advice in certain situations to navigate potential disputes.

Go Off the Radar.
Sell 100% Untraceable with ANTI-BOOK

But that's not all. The ANTI-BOOK button safeguards your sales and pricing strategy.

1. The Soft Approach: You can opt to go live with either public rates, or private rates shielded by the protective layers of the Opaque Rates filter or the Ban Conditions filter.

2. The Hardcore Approach: This strategy is for those who want to vanish entirely from every radar, including ours at ANTI-BOOKING. By harnessing the Recycle feature, your hotel can sell an anti-booking to a specific buyer who can then, in turn, sell it to other guests through your hotel's website and soon on While initially designed to assist travelers in recycling unused anti-bookings, this feature can be skillfully exploited for your benefit if the need arises.

This unique capability of ANTI-BOOK enables you to stay incognito and untraceable in the vast world of online bookings and anti-bookings, providing you with unmatched control and flexibility.

Remember, the choice is yours - whether to tread softly or disappear from the radar entirely.

Solving the "Free Cancellation" Dilemma | 100% Efficiency

Any hotelier knows that a "free cancellation" policy can pose challenges for their business. The major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are well aware of this fact, yet they continue to push it, leaving hoteliers in a precarious position. Rather than educating travelers about the consequences, these OTAs thrive within their own marketing bubble, often at the expense of hoteliers.

But more and more hoteliers are growing weary of this OTA practice; they care less and less of this big OTA practice by taking more reservations then available rooms. But playing the overbooking game, hoteliers risk to pay a huge cost - to upset clients, that may lead to bad online reviews and so on.

How ANTI-BOOK Resolves this Issue

1. Identify High-Value Prospects: First, instruct your ANTI-BOOK robot to identify potential clients who are willing to make advance payments.
2. Smart Commission Splitting: Next, have your robot negotiate with these potential clients, splitting the OTA's commission. You can even instruct your robot to sweeten the deal further with reduced commissions and incentives for 100% advance payments. Alternatively, transfer these high-value prospects directly to your team to create personalized counter-offers, leveraging your unique advantages as a hotelier.

As hoteliers, we understand the power of a personal touch. Sometimes, a complimentary bottle of wine and a warm, personalized greeting can change a traveler's decision. This is something the big OTAs simply cannot replicate. Moreover, with ANTI-BOOK's automation capabilities, you can streamline your approach or continually refine and perfect it.
Say goodbye to the challenges posed by "free cancellation" policies and hello to increased revenue, satisfied guests, and a more efficient booking process. ANTI-BOOK puts you back in control of your business.

Fix Non-Refundable | 80%

In today's world, one significant challenge looms large: the issue of non-refundable bookings. With the uncertainty that travelers face, there's a heightened aversion to the risk of losing money due to unexpected trip cancellations. Consequently, many travelers are reluctant to make advance payments for non-refundable bookings.

To compound matters, the major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), driven solely by their own profit motives, further exacerbate this issue by promoting "free cancellation" policies. This leaves you, as a hotelier, in a precarious position, often resulting in overbooking-related risks to safeguard your business. However, these "free cancellation" policies encourage travelers to avoid any commitment in advance, leading to a decline in upfront payments for your hotel. This benefits only the major OTAs, not your hotel, particularly if you don't have hundreds of rooms available.

The ANTI-BOOK Solution

To address this issue, we've create an antifragile booking transaction, on short anti-booking. This means that travelers can freely sell, exchange or donate their anti-bookings on both the local market, which includes your hotel website (if you choose), and the global market through

By allowing travelers to market or sell their anti-bookings, you incentivize them to make reservations and upfront payments. When they encounter a trip cancellation, they have an alternative solution, rather than pressuring your hotel for a refund. This revolutionary approach empowers your hotel to become antifragile, even in the face of unforeseen market shocks.

We're excited to announce that this feature will be available in 2022, providing your hotel with the flexibility and resilience needed in today's ever-changing landscape.

Revamp Low Seasons | 25% to 100%

Most OTAs, bedbanks, or Tour Operators are eager to assist you in selling during peak seasons, especially if you run a leisure-focused hotel. However, they often offer various excuses when it comes to off-peak season sales. Their preference is to catch the low-hanging fruit rather than putting in the effort to discover new niches, create fresh markets, or shoulder risks.

The standard strategy involves securing as much allocation from your hotel as possible, giving them control over rates. Additionally, they might utilize your brand name to boost their visibility on Google Search without contributing a penny. It might seem like a convenient arrangement for them, right? Not to mention, if they struggle to sell their allocation due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, excessive sunlight, or even health concerns, they usually approach you with friendly discussions instead of taking responsibility and settling their dues. You're fully aware it's a facade, but, given the limited sales force at your disposal, you often find yourself playing along. However, deep down, you're the hardworking hotelier who knows better!

The ANTI-BOOK Solution: "Seeing" the Unseen Clients

When we developed the ANTI-BOOK robot, we had this issue in mind. Consequently, we trained the robot to identify potential clients with more flexibility in their check-in dates and budget constraints. This might not appear significant, but envision implementing this on your website (local market) and (global market).

Presently, these potential clients represent unrealized revenue for your hotel. You might not even be aware of their existence, even though their budgets fall slightly short of your public rates, be it by 2 or 5 Euros per day.

However, the ANTI-BOOK robot can assist you in converting these potential clients into gains. First, it can detect them, and then it can negotiate with them to convert them into off-peak season visitors. This can be achieved by offering them more attractive rates, enhanced benefits, and complimentary hospitality along the way.

While this may not be a perfect solution, some hoteliers have achieved favorable results by adopting this approach. At the very least, it allows you to optimize some days with lower occupancy rates.

Reclaim Lost Clients | 12%

As a manager or owner, wouldn't you like to be informed when your hotel loses a valued client, whether it's a loyal guest of three years or a budget-conscious traveler?

The ANTI-BOOK Solution: Instant Alerts and Recovery

The ANTI-BOOK robot is designed to provide you with immediate alerts whenever a client, like the three-year loyal guest, is lost after a negotiation, whether with your team or the robot itself. Simply check your reports! Many indicators can guide you in regaining that client. For instance, a review of the Counter-Offers generated by your team or robot might reveal areas for improvement. On the other hand, you're aware that a complimentary service, especially when backed by the authority of a high-ranking hotelier, can work wonders.

With just a push of a button, you can seize a second chance! Follow up with that client, utilizing the data gathered by the ANTI-BOOK robot.

Enhance Private Rates | Stay Ahead of Competitors | 100%

Using public rates not only makes your sales strategy vulnerable to competitors and OTAs but can also diminish the impact of your marketing efforts. Over time, you've probably noticed some of your special offers being copied by competitors or even direct competitors and OTAs adjusting their rates based on yours.

However, not every potential client is content with public rates or "what you see is what you get." The inability to adapt in real-time to individual preferences is detrimental to your sales and is an issue that big OTAs have successfully addressed, giving them an advantage over you. This is particularly evident with your previous clients who expect a personalized approach when booking with your hotel. Sometimes they seek savings, while other times they simply want to feel valued and important to your business. This innate human desire often goes unnoticed by your outdated BOOK button.

The ANTI-BOOK Solution: Treat Potential Clients Like Acquaintances with Private Rates

The ANTI-BOOK robot has the capability to identify these clients and provide them with a private, personalized experience following your instructions. Offering private rates and exclusive benefits, such as a complimentary bottle of wine, is a sophisticated way to pamper your valuable customers. Imagine the impression this will leave!

Boost Employee Engagement | Unlock Global Sales Talent | 100%

The ANTI-BOOK robot empowers you to discover, retain, and engage the most talented sales professionals from around the world, not restricted to your local area. All they need is to learn how to operate the ANTI-BOOK robot, and they can contribute to your success from anywhere. In return, your ANTI-BOOK robot assists them in gaining professional recognition and earning online tips directly to their VISA or MASTERCARD accounts from satisfied buyers they've successfully negotiated with.

Furthermore, by leveraging our platform, which offers real-time room availability, you can create a sales system akin to Wall Street's NASDAQ for your hotel(s). This system can involve remote employees or non-employees compensated on a commission basis, augmented by online tips from buyers, all facilitated by the ANTI-BOOK button-faced robot.

5 Ways To Use It

In combination with the BOOK button or used by itself, the ANTI-BOOK button can be added on your hotel website:

Not enough bookings tonight or next week?! Keeping your rooms empty over night is not an option for hoteliers that have skin in the game. So, let's sell some anti-bookings in order to complete your planned revenue. Or, just let's sell some anti-bookings (e.g. to individuals willing to pay fully or a higher amount in advance) in order to generate fast the cash you need to pay suppliers or other debts.

Since the ANTI-BOOK button is antifragile - capable to gain from disorder (processing the uncertainty, volatility, stressors and historical related data) it may help you to sell only to the most profitable sale option it discovers. Or, sell dynamically - when you're at 10-20% Occupancy Rate sell for a little bit lower rate or with some free added Extras and increase the rates later when your Occupancy Rate increased too.

into a Wallstreet stock exchange style sales force (selling dynamically for private rates, based on real-time data about your website visitors / requests etc.) formed by local or remote employees / consultants in competition with each other, paid by results.

For example, you may use the antifragile-booking button:

  • to get more money in advance,
  • to lower/eliminate Free-Cancellation policy taking at least some payment in advance if the obtained pre-sale insights told that you can get,
  • to ensure that you're not loosing an old customer,
  • to optimize Occupancy Rate,
  • to sell off peaks to low budget travelers,
  • to pamper your new / old client with some attention / free extras,
  • to persuade buyer for cross sale / up-sale,
  • to ensure that you're marketing spends are not wasted attracting wrong profiles,
  • or to backup the hotel direct sales when you have not enough sales employees or not the right ones.

Using the antifragile-booking to help your clients to recycle the anti-bookings they need no longer comes with multiple advantages:

  • Lift the brake from your direct sales: lower the clients risk aversion of loosing money from early bookings, non-refundable payments in advance and so on.
  • Create new revenue channel [commission from recyclers].
  • Protect your closed sales when uncertainty strikes.
  • Lower / eliminate your refund hassle.
  • Lower / eliminate allotment release back hassle, when you allow the touroperator partners to recycle.
  • Buy back rooms, if you need so.
  • Gain free traffic / marketing from recyclers.
  • Gain buzz marketing when you're sold out.
  • Sell and resell 100% untraceable, if you need so.

The Antifragile Future of Travel

The ANTI-BOOK button makes not only hoteliers but also traveler antifragile. How? By triggering a new type of booking transaction that is negotiable and recyclable by default. An antifragile booking, or simple: an anti-booking® .

Have Question ? Get in touch !

ANTI-BOOK is probably the the best thing happened to hoteliers in post-2020 world.